Soccer is boring.  While it has been my favorite sport for a very long time, an inescapable fact is that most matches are boring, all have at least 10 boring minutes, and some can put you to sleep better than any medication could.

The potential to bore is strangely what is so fascinating about the beautiful game.  In American football, a team will move up or down the field at any kind of pace, one will win and the other will lose, there is already one outcome possible and only 100 different spots on the field a team could be positioned.  In a soccer match there may be infinitely many circumstances, chances, or possibilities in which anything could happen. Or nothing.  Nothing could also happen.  Lionel Messi may run the length of the pitch dropping each defender in his path, sidestep the goalkeeper and miss the goal entirely, in which all of this happened but resulted in absolutely nothing. No yards, no fantasy points, no headlines in tomorrow’s paper, maybe a little momentum for his team, but otherwise nothing.

Nothing makes something that much more exciting.  Fighting for or against an infinite amount of favorable or unfavorable circumstances perhaps makes soccer the most unpredictable activity that could possibly be conceived.  There will always be a Super Bowl winner, but there seemingly won’t ever be an undoubtedly best team in the entire landscape of soccer in the scope of year, decade, or lifetime.  There are always more trophies to be won, more accolades to be claimed, and even more perceptions of what is good and what is wrong.

While you read what I have explored in the world of soccer, you will learn exactly what I mean, and how soccer fits into the world not only recreationally through sport but also financially, culturally, and politically.  You may also understand how different soccer is from other sports and what makes it better or worse.


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